Our Vision

Our vision is to provide further support for Women and their Children who are subjected to Family/Domestic Violence through the provision of a mandatory prevention/intervention centre for Aboriginal males who use violence and working towards the reduction and elimination of family violence. The primary feature of this program shall be the need to focus on the woman and children remaining in the family home.


Our Mission

The mission of the Association is to provide services to people impacted by domestic and family violence, by:

  • Promoting, advancing and supporting effective and sustainable healing combinations that shall embrace Culturally relevant holistic treatment approaches complimented with elements of abstinence models which recognise the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of Aboriginal males who use violence.
  • Representing the interests of Aboriginal Males and their health, wealth and well- being, to help them to break free and abstain from the use of violence and other troublesome habits, and to allow another alternative to being placed into custody.
  • Help arrest the spiralling rate of family/domestic violence and consequent homelessness of women and children in Aboriginal communities.
  • Holding regular cultural ‘back to country’ Aboriginal male’s camps.
  • Becoming a recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO) conducting regular training and certification of Aboriginal Male’s Healing Centre Strong Spirit Strong Families Strong Culture residents throughout their rehabilitation.
  • Working with local communities in promoting and advancing the need to protect our women and their children from domestic violence.