Our Objectives and Activities

The first of our objectives this year, was to complete the AMHC Business Plan and to acquit our grant with Lotterywest. The most difficult process here was to see Jenny Thomas leave our circle. Jenny’s contribution has been invaluable, more importantly, the outcome of her brief was exceptional.

Secondly, we are still in negotiations with the Shire of East Pilbara, concerning the lease of land adjacent to the Newman Airport. Presently, the Shire has requested from the Minister of Lands, an alteration to the “purpose of the use of land”. Once this has been completed, we shall then negotiate with the shire, how much land we require, and agree, and sign a long term lease.

The Architects continue to develop and design the centre, with the final outcome being a ‘kangaroo footprint’ design keeping in succinct with the ‘kangaroo dreaming’ along with the total costings of our construction costs. AMHC were able to secure the services of professional specialists (see above). This activity was achieved through the development of a partnership with:

  1. Australia’s Bridge, and;
  2. Indigenous Volunteers Australia.

Finally, AMHC with the assistance of Kayla Calladine, Director Calladine Consulting, a proud partner of Birriny Consulting, submitted an application for a Royalties for Regions (RfR) Grant for $300,000. We are expecting to hear back from RfR in December.

Once we have a final costing on the construction from PM+D Architects, and costings associated with the running cost for twelve months (AMHC Business Plan), we are then in a position to submit, upon request, two applications for funding, to:

  • Sherrilee Mitchell Director, Family & Domestic Violence Unit Department for Child Protection and Family Support Government of Western Australia
  • Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS)

Kayla Calladine shall assist AMHC with the submission writing process. Kayla is a volunteer with Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV). Kayla’s input is exceptional and invaluable for AMHC and our outcomes in securing funding moving forward.

AMHC’s planned activities for the upcoming financial year/reporting period, shall be to:

  1. Conduct a Family and Domestic Violence Forum, titled “Sons of Father’s”, in partnership with the Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet and their Pilbara Representative, Mr Tim Turner. One component of the Forum shall be a Trauma overview.
    Trauma, in this context, refers to an event that is psychologically overwhelming for an individual. The event involves a threat (real or perceived) to the individual’s physical or emotional wellbeing. The person’s response to the event involves intense fear, helplessness or horror, or for children, the response might involve disorganised or agitated behaviour (Briere & Scott 2006; Courtois 1999; Guarino et al. 2009). Complex trauma results from the problem of an individual’s exposure to multiple or prolonged traumatic events that do not categorically fit psychiatric criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder.
    These events are typically of an interpersonal nature, such as psychological maltreatment, neglect, physical and sexual abuse (van der Kolk 2005). The events often begin in childhood (that is, early life-onset) (van der Kolk 2005) and can extend over an individual’s life span (Giller 1999; Terr 1991).
    Indigenous Australian children may experience trauma (from one-time or ongoing events) through their own direct experience and secondary exposure (Ralph et al. 2006) and are at heightened risk of experiencing complex trauma.
    Direct experiences of trauma might include abuse, neglect and exposure to violence. In 2011, Indigenous children were 5.4 times as likely as non-Indigenous children to experience a hospital separation for assault, eight times as likely to be the subject of substantiated child abuse or neglect and 15 times as likely to be under juvenile justice supervision (AIHW 2011).
  2. AMHC shall be working closely with Geoff Barker and Paul Mcdonald of PM+D Architects, in developing the final design and construction costing details, at all times consulting with relevant stakeholders. Once this is complete, we shall than submit to council, and all other regulatory bodies.
  3. Submit an application to Sherrilee Mitchell Director, Family & Domestic Violence Unit Department for Child Protection and Family Support Government of Western Australia, who has previously requested AMHC provide her with a costings and envisaged infrastructure expenses.
  4. Submit an application to Indigenous Advancement Strategy, with whom we have open dialogue with regarding AMHC’s project intentions.
  5. Finally, begin construction of AMHC.